Students Visit Museum of Liverpool

Students Visit Museum of Liverpool

As part of their local history studies Peregrinate took all students to visit the Museum of Liverpool at the Pier Head. The Museum of Liverpool reflects the city’s global significance through its unique geography, history and culture. Visitors can explore how the port, its people, their creative and sporting history have shaped the city.

The museum opened on 19 July 2011 in a purpose-built landmark building on Liverpool’s famous waterfront. Since then it has won a number of awards, including the Council of Europe Museum Prize for 2013.

The Liverpool Overhead Railway

Students found The Liverpool Overhead Railway display particularly interesting. Liverpool Overhead Railway closed on 30 December 1956 after more than 60 years of operation. It had opened in 1893 to carry workers to jobs along the docks and waterfront and was the first electrically-operated elevated railway in the world.

It was both quick and reliable and was affectionately known as ‘The Docker’s Umbrella’ as it protected those who walked underneath from the worst of Liverpool’s weather! It was also marketed as a tourist attraction taking in the fabulous views along the River Mersey. The Liverpool Overhead Railway operated through two World Wars and was crucial in moving workers along the docks during these periods.

The structure suffered great wear and tear throughout its life along with bomb damage in the 1940’s, and following a report highlighting around £2 million of repairs the Liverpool Overhead Railway Company announced the closure in 1955. On the last day at 22.00hrs the final two trains ran from each end of the line and heralded the end of an era.

Sixty years on the railway still evokes great memories of trips along the waterfront and has inspired artists, poets and academics to produce films, interactive exhibits, works of art and poetry recalling the heady days of travel on the Liverpool Overhead Railway.

The Liver Birds

We started by exploring the Liver Bird Trail where students were tasked with finding the many references throughout the museum to the City’s world famous Liver Birds. The story of the Liver Birds starts on the ground floor and continues on both the first and second floors. The trail provides the full history of these iconic mythical birds that have featured as the crest for the City for many years.

Community Tails

The Museum of Liverpool covers the arrival and lives of the many different communities who have mad the City their home. These include the Black Community Trail, the Irish Community Trail and the Jewish Community Trail.

Peter Pan Statue

Incredibly our sharp eyed Headmistress spotted that featured in one of the exhibitions was a member of Peregrinate staff. Our mini bus driver, Chris, is clearly shown climbing the Peter Pan Statue in Sefton Park with his younger brother and three cousins. He was born in the Dingle and regularly visited Sefton Park throughout his childhood. Chris can be seen at the bottom left of the photo, sporting a very smart haircut which has now come back in fashion.

Video of the Museum of Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool
Museum of Liverpool
Peter Pan Statue Sefton Park
Peter Pan Statue Sefton Park