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During these difficult times caused by the COVID-19 virus, the staff at Peregrinate have been working hard to provide interesting, diverse and fun activities for you to do at home. We have devised a list of activities and lessons below which we hope you agree provides a welcome break to your days confined to home. The idea is that you can dip in and out of these activities to suit yourselves. Many are interactive. Some are games and/or challenges. All are fun. All are educational. What could be better for those long days stuck at home than having fun and learning.


You will see below there is a wide range of activities:

English/Literacy                Lots of audible books, reading and writing exercises, and drawing books

Maths (still fun!)               You Tube, interactive maths explained in easy to understand formats

Sciences               Lots of interactive activities covering all sciences including becoming an astronaut

History                 Virtual tours of the World’s top museums, coral reef and the Rainforest.

Geography          Explore some of the most amazing natural wonders the Earth has to offer

Arts & Culture    Teach yourself to draw or dance. See some of the best art ever painted

Computing/IT     Learn how to touch type and the secrets of Minecraft

Movement & Exercise    Take some online fitness and Yoga classes


We will be adding to this list as the weeks move on so please let us know what you think about these activities and tell us what types of things you would like to see.

Before we closed the school, you were all given a folder of work that you must complete whilst at home. Angela or Chris will call you and your families each day. This call is to support you with schoolwork, make sure you are keeping well and then speak to your parent or carer to see if your family are OK or if they need anything.

So, feel free to try out these online activities and we all hope you enjoy exploring, discovering and learning with them. If you use the ‘contact us’ page on the website you can give us some feedback. Or you can phone, email or text, as usual.

Check out the Daily Bitesize Lessons from BBC.

You will need to sign up to access the many and varied Bitesize resources on offer here, but only need to do this when you first access them. Bitesize lessons are released every day and cover a wide range of topics and subjects.



Just click on any of the links below and you will go directly to your chosen activities.




Download FREE books, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Frankenstein, etc.

FREE Reading & Writing Software

FREE online picture book activities

Make your own word puzzles





Mathsbox hundreds of mathematical problems and solutions

Weekly 15-minute maths challenges – interesting, fun and challenging





Crash course kids – science with a bit of awesome

Train Like an Astronaut

Fantastic collection of videos on all aspects of science

Interactive science classes

Science toy maker – make science toys and projects

Build a Cardboard Boat From Scratch

Make the Golden Gate Bridge out of Spaghetti

Race a Balloon Powered Car

Keep a Marble Rolling for a Minute

Look Through Your Own Homemade Periscope






Selection of History videos from the BBC

Virtual tour of museums from around the world

Virtual tour of the British Museum

Access 500 museums & art galleries

6000 digital history books for children




Virtual Arctic Travel

Virtual tour including zoos, landmarks etc

Virtual tour of the coral reef

National Geographical information & games





Teach yourself to draw where to start

Teach yourself to draw sketching basics

Teach yourself to draw how to draw faces

Teach yourself to Tap Dance

Teach yourself to Salsa

View classic paintings

Google Arts & Culture – learn something new every day!

Black History – Telling the story of the black British experience





Learn to touch-type





Here is our challenge to you. Create your own fitness video showing how you and your family are keeping fit during lockdown and we will forward it to the producers of the fitness videos below. If it ticks all of the boxes it will be published online alongside the rest of their videos. Send your videos to info@peregrinate.co.uk




Family Fit Club Class 1

Family Fit Club Class 2

Family Fit Club Class 3

Family Fit Club Class 4

Family Fit Club Class 5

Family Fit Club Class 6

Family Fit Club Class 7

Family Fit Club Class 8

Family Fit Club Class 9

Family Fit Club Class 10

PE with Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga videos for children




Many of you visited the Breakout Rooms as an end of Term Treat earlier this year. You can now test your skills again as Breakout Rooms have allowed us access to their latest venture Escape from Home. This is a great idea which allows you to plan your escape from three different scenarios without leaving the comfort of your own sofa. The three escapes are The Egyptian Escape, A Pirate’s Problem and The Global Gateway.




To play the game, all you have to do is solve the puzzles on each page. The answer to the puzzle is the password for the following page. When you think you know the answer, enter the code to gain access to the next part of the adventure. Passwords are in lower case unless it needs a capital letter (names, places etc)
You’ll need access to the internet search engine (Google) and a paper and pencil to help you complete the adventures.
If you aren’t sure on how to solve the puzzle, there are hints on each page to help you out. All you have to do is highlight the hidden text. On a laptop and PC, do this by left clicking over the hidden text and dragging across to highlight. On a mobile or tablet, you’ll need to select the hidden text and copy and past to another document or notes page in order for the text to appear.
If you enter a password and it’s incorrect, you can go back to the previous page by clicking back on your browser and looking at further hints. Depending on how many times you have attempted the password, you may need to click back more than once.
To begin your adventure, click here. And, good luck!

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BBC Bitesize Lessons
BBC Bitesize Lessons
World of David Walliams
World of David Walliams
The Egyptian Escape
The Egyptian Escape
A Pirates Problem
A Pirates Problem
Escape From Home
Escape From Home