Promoting Good Behaviour for Learning




At Peregrinate we aim to enable young people to develop self-confidence from which they can:

  • Enter adulthood as happy, responsible, caring and independent members of the community.
  • Build self-esteem and a psychology of inclusion and choice
  • Follow individual programmes of learning with each student
  • Provide an exciting, friendly style of teaching to small groups and individuals, both on and off site, one that is culturally and socially relevant
  • Achieve useful skills, knowledge and experience for life and employment




At Peregrinate School

  • Everybody has the right to feel safe from physical or verbal threat or attack
  • Everybody has the right to be able to work and learn without other people making it difficult for them
  • Everybody has the right to be treated with fairness and respect at all times
  • Each person has the responsibility to help themselves and others to get the best out of Peregrinate Ltd.
  • Each student has the responsibility to be aware and understand the rules of Peregrinate Ltd.
  • Staff have the responsibility to impose fair consequences on students who significantly break these rules




Peregrinate School Learners are expected to:

  • Participate in all lessons, arrive on time and attend every day
  • Be focused and follow instructions
  • Support others by not bullying, to help build trust and report any bullying, vandalism or racism to a member of staff
  • Respect the room, equipment and other parts of the building
  • Take responsibility for own behaviour
  • No touch, keeping hands and feet to yourself
  • Help support others who may be having a difficult day
  • You must take support from staff if feeling upset or angry
  • No swearing at any time and respect others at all times
  • Listen to others – One speaker
  • Only eat food and drinks during breaks and clean up afterwards
  • Not to smoke in the building
  • Not to bring or use alcohol or drugs on the premises (if we suspect that students have taken drugs or alcohol they will be sent or taken home)
  • Not to leave the premises without permission
  • Obey Health and Safety Rules, act sensibly in ways that do not endanger yourself or others
  • Come prepared for sessions with appropriate equipment, clothing etc.
  • Aim to achieve, be an active and valuable member of a team.

Enjoy, Inspire, Achieve, Succeed, make your time at Peregrinate School count!


Encouraging Positive Behaviour


Positive social and learning behaviour is encouraged through:

  • Visible behaviour procedures and policy with a clear chain of command
  • Consistent approach where all staff and associates operate to the same standards when dealing with issues
  • Good Practice in classroom management and teaching, with high teacher-student ratios
  • Good behaviour management and expectations between sessions
  • Pastoral support so that every student has a member of staff to support them with their learning or personal problems
  • High intensity monitoring that enables identification of trouble ‘hotspots’ and effective strategies, and that also builds student and carer awareness and commitment
  • Individual Learning Plans incorporating goals that are specific, measurable, meaningful, achievable, realistic and time-bound with high expectations of students learning and behaviour
  • An education package based on subjects and activities that the students are interested in. A clear progression through their learning with reward and acknowledgements that relates to their behavioural and learning achievements
  • Positive family contacts through a variety of formal and informal means
  • Positive role modelling across the whole team combined with active teaching strategies for overcoming difficulties
  • Personal Development where the class works as a whole and individually to understand and encourage positive behaviour
  • Empowerment through participation in decision making

For more information on Peregrinate Schools Good Behaviour procedures click here to see our Promoting Good Behaviour for Learning Policy