Service Level Agreement 2023 – 2024

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Service Level Agreement 2023-24

Agreement between:

School/Academy Name: ……………………………………….…………………………..

And Peregrinate School.

Description: Peregrinate will provide educational tuition in line with Functional Skill and GCSE specifications along with Technical Qualifications using qualified and enhanced DBS checked staff. The learners will gain valuable Work Based Learning experience and develop social skills throughout the programme. GCSE boards will be disclosed early within the School year for each subject in order for Home Schools to enrol their learners for the exam they will study.

It is agreed by both parties that the following will form the basis of a binding service level agreement:

  1. Health and safety: Health and safety reports are carried out regularly by Peninsula and all policies adhered to throughout the school year.


  1. Working Hours:  10.00am – 2.00pm or alternative times agreed. Peregrinate SLT reserve the right to alter these hours for school trips, serious incidents etc.


  1. Transport: Peregrinate will provide bus passes (My Ticket) for learners. Peregrinate does offer transport to and from our site for learners who are assessed to be unable or unsuitable to use public transport or make their own way to School at a cost equal to the going rate for private transportation minus the cost saved due to not providing public transportation. Alternatively, learners/schools can provide their own travel arrangements if they wish. If learners are to use our transport service, they will be subject to our Transport Policy (available online). Transport vehicles will wait outside houses for no longer than 5 minutes after first knocking on the door. Transport may be in the form of Private Hire taxi cabs or our own Peregrinate Vehicles. If learners miss their pick-up we cannot re-arrange for the same day.


  1. Keyworkers: School/Academy must provide contact details including mobile number for a named key worker/coordinator who will be the point of contact for all communications with the school. School/Academy will provide the name and contact numbers of 2 contacts at the School/Academy in case of emergency. Should we be unable to contact your keyworker in case of emergency, Peregrinate SLT will make the safest decision possible in all instances of time sensitive events.


  1. Safeguarding: School/Academy must provide contact details for their Child Protection Officer/DSL. All child protection concerns will be reported to this person or one of the Mentors at the School/Academy. All policies are available on our website ( Peregrinate policy states that if a member of staff suspects a pupil is under the influence of a substance the school/academy will be contacted and the pupil will be sent home on Health and Safety grounds as per our Drug and Alcohol Policy (available online).

Confidentiality is paramount and we will not share any pupils’ details under any circumstances with any third parties as per our Safeguarding Policy (available online). Learners on Main School Provision are subject to 10 day unseen rule whereby learners will be reported to Home School/Academy for EWO referral after 10 days without seeing the child. Learners on Home School will be visited on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a telephone call in between, should further safeguarding calls be necessary they fall under the remit of Home School/Academy. Learners on Twilight will be seen three times a week (Mon, Wed & Fri) on site, if further safeguarding calls are required this falls under the remit of the Home School/Academy and the 10 day rule will apply.

While we do hold a CP file on all learners, official CP files are the responsibility of Home Schools/Academies and should be updated with our reports and information.


  1. D.B.S: Peregrinate will provide a complete list of all staff that have contact with pupils with their enhanced DBS numbers and issue date. All staff job titles will be accurate on DBS paperwork. Peregrinate are responsible for renewing DBS when the time arises.

If any disclosures occur between the previous and next DBS that are not declared to Peregrinate management, this may result in a multiagency meeting, which will look into the matter further.


  1. Supervision/Break and Lunches: Pupils will be supervised during all break times. Pupils will only go off site in any vehicle owned/commissioned by Peregrinate with all required insurance. CCTV is used throughout our premises.


  1. Attendance and Absconding: Daily registers will be kept by Peregrinate and completed by 10.15am and 12.15pm. SGC Attendance Team will forward registers to the Schools/academies every day after 10.30am to account for late arrivals. If a pupil leaves Peregrinate’s site without consent, Peregrinate staff will inform parents and Schools/Academy’s immediately, by e-mail or SMS, and the learner(s) will not be allowed back on site that day.


  1. Exclusions/Suspensions/Behaviour: School/Academy will be included in the decision to exclude or suspend any learner by way of our incident report. They will be informed of any intended suspensions or exclusions on the day of the incident, and written copy of the incident report will follow ASAP so parents can be informed / meetings arranged and alternative arrangements made. Schools/Academies have the right to appeal any permanent exclusion in line with our Appeals Procedure (Available online).


  1. Incidents: All incidents will be reported to Schools/Academies by e-mail at the earliest convenience. All reports will also be accessible via the portal which is the quickest way to see events.


  1. Drug Use: Any learner suspected to be in possession of, or under the influence of illegal substances will be removed from our premises immediately. Parents will be informed to arrange collection or transport for their child. Learner’s parents will be sent a letter outlining our Drug Policy on the first two occasions. On the third occasion the learner will be referred to Crime Reductions Initiatives for support with their habit. This is Peregrinate policy for all learners that was developed in multi-agency meetings which included all relevant parties.


  1. Qualifications: Peregrinate will give Schools/Academies a termly plan of units to be completed as per our Schemes of Work. Peregrinate will keep Schools/Academies informed of which qualifications each pupil is working towards. Peregrinate will distribute all certificates to schools/academies upon receipt of payment. Schools/Academies will register learners with AQA and further details will be disclosed early in the academic year.


  1. Resources: Peregrinate will provide all pens, paper, books and any other resources needed for learners to complete their studies. Therapy is classed as a resource and these sessions will be included in the daily rate.


  1. Parents Evenings: If requested, Peregrinate will attend Schools/Academies Parents Evening to feedback on progress to parents included in the daily rate.


  1. Arranging Placements: Schools/Academies must send a referral form by email to Peregrinate ( in order to arrange any placement. In the event of a placement being cancelled, or a learner withdrawn, we require written (email) notice 3 study days prior to termination to ensure correct invoicing. If a School/Academy withdraws all of their learners, or their only current learner, then their credit account must be brought up to £0 within this three day period. Failure to do so will result in continued billing until such time at the account is brought to £0.


  1. Payment: Our base rate is £65 per day increasing to £85 per day for learners with EHCPs. Should learners be assessed to require more support, supervision or staff time we will discuss further increased rates upon completion of individual assessments, for this reason it is vital that referral forms are completed as accurately as possible. Peregrinate will invoice Schools/Academies on a weekly basis for tuition fees inclusive of transport, catering and resources. In the event of a planned move from Peregrinate to another provider or back to School, with consent of all parties, payment will cease on the agreed leaving date. If no written notice is given we will charge a 3 day notice fee which will be invoiced as usual. Tuition fees will be charged on days of non-attendance. Payments must be made within one week of receipt of invoice. All accounts must be up to date at the end of each term/half term break.


Should an invoice(s) reach 14 days without being settled, Late Payment Charges will be applied as advised by the Government at 8% plus the Bank of England Base Rate:

PLEASE NOTE: Peregrinate does not wish to be in a position to apply charges for late payment, however, we must do so as the financial facilities needed to ensure a consistent service for your learners in the absence of their funding comes at a cost to us.


Should an invoice(s) reach 28 days without being settled, there will be a temporary suspension of your account which will include temporary denial of learner access to School until such time that accounts are brought back up to date. It is impossible to meet the needs of learners without the relevant funding.

PLEASE NOTE: Peregrinate does not wish to be in a position to suspend accounts or withdraw education from learners, however, our access to the financial facilities needed to ensure a consistent service for your learners in the absence of their funding is limited greatly over longer periods of time.


Should the situation arise whereby we must suspend your learners access due to lack of payment we will inform the parents of this with the following message in writing:

Dear Parent,

Your child will be home from School from Tomorrow until such time that (School/Academy Name) catches up with the transfer of funding to Peregrinate.

Please trust we have been working, and will continue to work on this matter and hope to have your Child back on site as soon as possible.

*If you wish to provide us with a different message we will endeavour to use your chosen words in this instance.


Should and invoice(s) reach 42 days without being settled, we will escalate the collection process through court and/or external enforcement agencies.



  1. Charges: Peregrinate will charge for involvement in your internal communications, such as: liaising between your departments in relation to payment (outside of general reminders and invoicing), Safeguarding (outside of general reporting) or any other matter. These charges will be £25 per e-mail and £25 per phone call.

Should Peregrinate staff be left responsible for emergency care, emergency social care, social safeguarding, health/wellbeing/medical care or any other duty outside of School hours in relation to a learner on your role we will charge a rate of £150 per hour due to the costs involved in providing 2 members of staff and premises to provide such emergency social care which falls outside of educational services without notice to prepare.


  1. Meetings and reports: Termly reports on pupil’s progress will be completed. Schools/Academies must give the term dates and deadlines for reports and also provide the framework to be completed. If any contact is made with the pupils Family/Carer regarding progress or behaviour, we will inform the School/Academy.


I agree to all the terms and conditions in this service level agreement on behalf of the organisation named above.

School/Academy/Authority Representative:

Print Name………………………. Sign……………………… Date………………


Please note:

This agreement is signed by a representative of your School, Academy, Authority or Organisation.

All organisations and departments therein are vicariously liable to uphold the agreement entered into by it’s representative(s).

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