Can We Help With Home Schooling?

Why Home Schooling?

There are many young people who find the school environment just too stressful to cope with. Exams, rules, timetables, peer pressure, threat of exclusion, individual insecurities and worries can all lead to refusal to attend school. For many different reasons these students find they simply cannot function whilst under the confines and rules of school. This can make not only the student but also their parents and wider family anxious as they understand the pressures their child feels whilst at school. The number of children being home schooled has risen by 40% in recent years.

Despite schools best efforts to engage these young people they simply refuse to put themselves in an environment which they believe causes them risk and concern. Some students make a huge effort to re-engage with school but find their experiences just underline their original fears. Some point-blank refuse to attend school at all because of their anxieties. Frequently this leads to long time, sometimes years, where the students receive no education at all.

The Solution

This is an area where Peregrinate School can assist your family. We have a dedicated team of highly motivated and experienced teachers who provide one to one education in the comfort of the students own home. This enables the student to relax knowing that their concerns have now been removed allowing them to concentrate on their own educational development. Our delivery allows the pupil to study in full or in part, from home. Our teachers passion and enthusiasm underpinned with academic excellence, previous experience and long-term commitment allows our tutors to empower your child. Quite soon they will grow in confidence and flourish academically and socially all of which positively affects overall family life and relationships as well as the mental health of your child.

Building Relationships & Trust

Peregrinate School understands that the individual student may have been out of education for some time. We also realise that we must first build trust and show that all we want is for them to achieve. At the same time we will work hard to win the trust of parents as they also may not have had the best experiences from their child’s education. From experience we start slowly and only work at the students own pace. They need to start engaging again when they are ready to do so. By allowing them to do this, the student learns again that education can be both fun and rewarding. Our schools moto is Inspire, Enjoy, Achieve, Succeed and this ethos is at the heart of our home schooling program.

The Plan

Peregrinate School home schooling offer is a quality, flexible service level between the student, their family, their school and ourselves. Even if it means starting at just one day a week we will continue to support and encourage the student and their family to work with us for a shared single goal, success.

The First Lesson

Once everyone is ready, we will then deliver our first session of home schooling. Our dedicated team of teachers have experience in quickly assessing exactly the correct pace and level of education for the individual student. Consideration is given to the length of time the student may have been out of education or for the reasons behind the refusal to attend school. Once the student relaxes and relationships are being built, we will suggest a second visit per week and so on. If the student agrees we will leave work to be completed for the next visit. The aim is to increase the number of visits to maximise the students potential.

Steady Progression

If we believe it to be appropriate, we may even invite the student and the family to have a look around Peregrinate School. This can be done during the day or after the other students have left if this makes everyone more comfortable. This will provide the family with an insight into the bigger picture behind Peregrinate School and hopefully may even encourage full engagement with us. If we believe the student has regained their will to learn we can also make available to them a whole portfolio of online courses covering many academic and vocational subjects.

Results Speak For Themselves

Again this year our home schoolers have achieved many great qualifications in two different levels of English and mathematics as well as construction, retail and working safely. These are qualifications which our students would have otherwise clearly missed out on due to their disengagement from their previous schools.

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