About Our School

About Peregrinate School

We became an alternative provider in 2014 with just three learners. Our unique style of education and environment allowed our learners to set goals and then to achieve those goals. Our results spoke for themselves and schools across Knowsley assigned more students to us. We realised that our results with learners who previously were not expected to achieve was worth expanding to other Merseyside Boroughs. We applied for Sefton and Liverpool students and at the same time started the process of registering to become an Independent School. We were rewarded with students from Sefton and were very proud to win a tender process for Liverpool Schools through Liverpool Councils Alternative Provision Team.  As part of this application Ofsted approved our provision with the Department of Education and Registered School approval was awarded in October 2017. In January 2018 we moved to larger premises which allows us to provide our learners with a much wider curriculum as we have a Hair & Beauty Salon, IT Suite and Kitchen and Dining area. In March 2018 we held An Afternoon Tea of Celebration of Achievement to acknowledge and recognise the success of our learners.

Ofsted said …..


This is a caring school that promotes fundamental British values effectively. Pupils develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding well through a range of activities and visits. Pupils visit a variety of museums and locations to learn about topics such as modern slavery, black history month and the commemoration of events such as Remembrance Sunday and the Hillsborough disaster. Pupils learn about a range of faiths, cultures and human relationships through a carefully-planned curriculum that prepares them well for life within British society.

What is it we do?

Peregrinate Independent Registered School strives to meet the needs of schools and parents/carers who find some of their learners currently in main stream education are finding it difficult to attend or engage in learning. Our learners become involved and make progress personally, socially and academically. This is aided by small class sizes and a management team and teaching staff who are able to deliver personalised provision to the individual student.

Management and teaching staff are experienced, highly qualified and provide an innovative, energetic and supportive environment where learners can enjoy and achieve.

The curriculum offer is tailored to meet individual needs, interests and aspirations. All learners study English and mathematics and vocational courses are designed with individual learning aims paramount.

Peregrinate is an accredited Pearson BTEC Edexcel centre, and also offers a wide variety of online courses which can be found here: Peregrinate eLearning Courses

Ofsted said …..


The positive feedback from schools and local authority officers who place pupils at Peregrinate School affirms the effectiveness of the work undertaken by school leaders and staff. These professionals recognise the considerable impact that the school staff have on the academic and social development of the pupils. This was typified by a response that compared the school to a ‘learning family’ that nurtured its pupils ‘as their own’.

Assessment and ILP’s

Each learner is assessed during induction. The learner, parents/carers, school staff, tutors and management devise a programme to give the individual learner the best chance of success. All learners then negotiate an Individual Learning Plan which is explained in detail and then monitored throughout the time the learner is with Peregrinate School


Pastoral curriculum offer

On a one to one basis all learners receive: Enrichment Activities, Personal Tutor and Tutorial Activities, Individual Learning Plans and Progress Reviews.

A flexible approach

Learners can attend for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week in order to fulfil their needs, and the requirements of all stakeholders.

Enrichment activities

We reward our learners positive behaviours, hard work and achievements by providing sports, craft and cooking activities and by organising educational day trips and inviting guest speakers to support the excellent teaching and learning that is enjoyed by all.

Terracotta Warriors Liverpool World Museum
Terracotta Warriors Liverpool World Museum