Help with ADHD



Does your child have ADHD? The following information may be useful.


What is ADHD?


Scientists believe that ADHD is caused with the neurotransmitters that send messages from one brain cell to another. The parts of the brain that normally help you slow down and pay attention are not working as well as they should be. ADHD is not related to intelligence as people often think that it is.

There are various types of medication that can be used to treat ADHD. The purpose of medication is to help balance chemicals in the brain.


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Living With ADHD


Characteristics of ADHD


  • Poor organisation
  • Trouble staying on task
  • Poor sense of time
  • Time moves slowly, i.e. 5 minutes feels like 1 hour
  • Poor internalisation of the rules
  • Poor sense of self awareness
  • Poor sense of social cues
  • Inconsistent behaviours
  • Frequently overwhelmed
  • Push those away who want to help
  • Constantly at 99% agitation


ADHD Sufferers


  • Will avoid eye contact
  • Fidget a lot
  • Day Dream
  • Negative self esteem
  • Find it hard to wait their turn


Ways to Help Young People With ADHD


  • Help them to focus i.e. Re-direct back into the conversation
  • Speak clearly only one person at a time
  • Voice volume low for best outcomes
  • Give structure and routine
  • Let them know in advance if you are going to change things for them and explain the reasons why
  • Don’t rush as it will confuse them
  • Give them instructions one at a time
  • Tell them when they are getting it right
  • Praise them at least 20 times a day
  • Use descriptive praise so they understand what it is they have done well e.g., well done for putting your clothes away.
  • Use Planned Ignoring and Positive Attention.
  • Use positives when trying to change behaviours i.e. please eat your food rather than please stop throwing food.



Living With ADHD


  • Structure and routine is vital
  • Prompt them as they have difficulty understanding time eg in 10 minutes we are going out, in 5 minutes we are going out
  • Visual aids are effective
  • Needs lots of praise 10 positive comments to 1 negative (due to the way they perceive things)
  • Clear communication, small chunk of information and give them time to process this
  • Avoid lengthy debates
  • Consistency is vital
  • Use ‘When’ and ‘Then’ When you clean your room, Then you can have your money.


ADHD Best Food and Fruit


Pears, apples before bed, help with sleep

Cheese, (Goats Cheese) good for concentration


Eggs (Boiled) improve concentration, increase the time ADHD medication works

Nuts (Walnuts and Brazil, Almonds, Spinach)

Oranges (Help with sleep) and control ADHD symptoms

Orange Juice for breakfast and after school

Kiwi fruit (like apples)


Whole Grain Cereals

Corn Flakes and Fibre 1

White Fish

Beans (Green)


Chicken: Protein will improve concentration and will increase the time ADHD medication works

Peppers and Tomatoes


For a Smarter Health view of natural alternative treatments for ADHD click here.


Food to Avoid ADHD


Ice Cream



Coffee (Decaf Only)

Cheese (Specifically Cow’s cheese)

Goat’s cheese good

Chocolate (Dark) White chocolate good

Fizzy drinks i.e.: Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper (Homemade smoothie good)

Frozen pizza (can increase concentration)

Corn or yellow veg

Crisps (High in artificial colours)

Squash (Vegetable)

Fruit Juice unless 100% natural with no artificial colouring or flavouring

Fast foods ie: MacDonald’s and Burger King

Red Meat

Symptoms of ADHD