Peregrinate School Offer Three Different Models of Attendance

Peregrinate School Offer Three Different Models of Attendance

School Offer

On Site Provision:


This is our main school body. Most learners (95% at time of writing) attend on a 5-day-basis however part time places are available upon request.

Full-time learners study English and Maths at Functional Skill (all levels available) and have a choice of vocational qualifications at BTEC Level 1.

As well as English and Maths, all full-time learners will study a BTEC Level 1 in Retail. This programme contains employability, CV writing, interview skills, job search and research into viable progressions after school.

Part time learners will be enrolled on Functional Skills, those doing 3 or more days will also be enrolled onto the Retail Program.

Home School Provision


This program was created to meet the needs of young people facing barriers that prevent them from attending our On-Site Provision. These barriers may present as anxiety, illness, low self-esteem, low attainment, long term low attendance, low confidence or gender issues.

We aim to visit all Home-School learners at least 3 times per week although we are very understanding that, due to the reasons these learners are on the Home-School Provision this may not always be possible.

Those enrolled on the Home-School Provision will have some guided study and some self study to see them through their Functional Skill qualifications in English and Maths and a BTEC Level 1 in Retail.

Twilight Provision


This Provision is a Hybrid of our On-Site Provision and our Home-School Provision. Learners will attend the centre two afternoons per week for guided study, they will then study at home and bring the completed work back to the afternoon sessions the following week for feedback as well as completing work at home (online) through our portal which allows tutors to track progress.

The main reasons learners may be enrolled on our Twilight Provision are due to proving that socialising appropriately in our On-Site Provision is unlikely, or due to displaying very low attendance either before or after referral to Peregrinate. Some Home-School learners may progress to this as their confidence increases. Twilight learners have the same opportunities regarding qualifications as On-Site learners.


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