Reverse Advent Calendar

Reverse Advent Calendar

Reverse Advent Calendar

Continuing with our support of the Free School Meals Program we decided to provide our learners with an Advent Calendar hamper containing Christmas themed food items, treats and gifts.

We produced a list of 30 items and publicised this on our social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and named it the Reverse Advent Calendar.

The List included:

  1. Tea/Coffee
  2. Sugar
  3. Biscuits
  4. Cakes/Cake Mix
  5. Crackers
  6. Cereal
  7. Long Life Milk
  8. Custard (Tinned/Packet)
  9. Cordial Juice
  10. Tinned Pudding
  11. Hot Chocolate
  12. Soup (Tinned/Packet/Cuppa)
  13. Pasta & Sauce (Packet/Jar)
  14. Tinned Meat
  15.  Jelly
  16. Pasta/Rice
  17. Sweets/Chocolate
  18. Tinned Fruit
  19. Mince Pies
  20. Advent Calendars
  21. Xmas Crackers
  22. Stuffing Mix
  23. Wrapping Paper
  24. Xmas Cards
  25. Bath time Items (Bubble bath/Shower gel)
  26. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  27. Pancakes/Waffles
  28. Noodles (Koka/Maggi)
  29. Tinned Stew/Pie
  30. Tinned vegetables


The idea is that local people wishing to help us support these families could donate one of the items each day to fulfil an Advent Calendar. As a school Peregrinate supported the initiative and all of our staff brought in many items on an individual basis as well.

We have been overwhelmed by people’s kindness and willingness to support us with this idea.

Some people not only provided every item on the list but also included additional Christmas presents.

The result, thanks to people’s generosity, is that every one of our learner’s families have received a complete (plus extras) Advent Calendar hamper stuffed with Christmas treats and food.

Norris Green Youth Centre Donated Christmas trees, decorations and lights as well as food hampers. Thank you so much!

Thanks to peoples kindness we again had enough Advent Calendar hampers to deliver to local families in need.

Reverse Advent Calendar
Reverse Advent Calendar
Reverse Advent Calendar Appeal
Reverse Advent Calendar Appeal
Reverse Advent Calendar
Reverse Advent Calendar