Peregrinate to Further Support School Leavers

Peregrinate to Further Support School Leavers

Students all around the world have had a disruptive year due to COVID-19 but none more so than the Year 11’s who have now left our school.  We worked hard throughout the lockdown to ensure all of our learners were kept engaged in education by supporting them with online lessons, activities and educational games as well as home visits when we dropped off work and collected work for marking. We are delighted and proud that our learners have achieved their maximum qualifications despite the huge constraints placed on learners, their families and our staff. Well done to everyone!

Under normal circumstances the year 11’s would have also visited several colleges with a view for Further Education and researched apprentice schemes, and job opportunities and had career interviews before leaving us. Obviously, none of this was possible due to lockdown. Teenagers at this age are already at risk of becoming not in education, employment or training (NEET). These risks have increased since schools closed for most pupils and without substantial transition support, many of the current year 11s are at heightened risk this year of becoming NEET. Becoming NEET limits life chances and engagement in education is a protective factor from a range of harms. Bespoke, needs-based interventions are needed to support these year 11 learners transition to post-16 provision successfully.

Peregrinate School have been able to obtain funding to support all of our year 11’s as they move through the transitional stage. They will benefit from one to one support, mentoring, pastoral support and careers guidance with support to maximise their opportunities. Some of the areas we will cover include:

Registration to Apprenticeship Database

Applying for a College Course

CV Writing

Job Search

Application Forms and Covering Letters

Interview Skills and Practice

Employment Rights and Responsibilities

Working Safely

Conduct at Work

Managing Own Performance

Personal Development Planning

Already we have worked with learners to apply for courses and/or employment, arrange interviews at several Further Education colleges and organisations. Peregrinate have provided learners with specialist kit required for their chosen courses, such as Hair and Beauty kits, Personal, Protective Equipment (PPE), and a bus pass to ensure they can travel to and from their chosen progression destination. Peregrinate have removed as many barriers as possible to ensure these learners have positive transitions on their next steps.

COVID-19 still makes this support exceedingly difficult requiring socially distanced and mask wearing meetings to support each learner. We have many meetings and interviews booked over the coming weeks. The learners and parents are very appreciative and have grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

Due to the continued hard work of our staff and learners we are assured that none of our leavers will be disadvantaged despite COVID-19. All have left with their best possible qualifications and all will have received maximum transitional support for school leavers, which can continue throughout the autumn term, until Christmas so that we can continue to guide and support them whatever their needs may be.

Also due to COVID-19 restrictions, these learners missed out on the popular Celebration of Achievement Event where they are presented with a Record of Achievement, we are delighted to announce that this event will go ahead, thanks to this support continuing. The Celebration of Achievement Event will be held as we break up for Christmas 2020 and friends, families and colleagues are most welcome. Hope to see you there! Watch out for date and time.

Job Interview Training
Job Interview Training
CV Writing Support
Good Practice Makes Perfect
Good Practice Makes Perfect