Peregrinate Opens Saturday School

Peregrinate Opens Saturday School

Due to the new Lockdown rules our Home Schooling has been affected as we have made the decision that teachers can not enter learners homes. Learners still had work to do as we delivered hard copies and sent other work electronically. We have also enhanced our Home Schooling portfolio by offering virtual teaching via Zoom, Teams and Skype. This week we also released our school Intranet site Here we offer our learners online and interactive coursework, lessons, tests, and quizzes.

The obvious negative effect on our students due to the new Lockdown rules was that one to one contact between learner and teacher became a risk that we simply wouldn’t undertake during the pandemic.

Our solution: A Saturday School. Today we launched our first Saturday School to accommodate those students who for whatever reason are unable to attend a full school environment, can attend on a Saturday with smaller class sizes, a more relaxed atmosphere and receive face to face teacher support that they have become accustomed to from their home schooling. The group size is small enough to ensure maximum help and support for teaching and learning but large enough to allow for group work and positive social interaction.

Those attending Saturday School still work from home during the week using online and paper based lessons and tests and then have the added benefit of teacher support on the Saturday.

We collected the Learners from home, provide breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks and then take them home after school. Today was very successful and students had a high work and achievement rate as well as having fun. They said they felt comfortable and that they had achieved a lot. We will continue remote and virtual teaching and learning throughout the week, but all reports  and feedback indicate that one and all are “Looking forward to next Saturday!”

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