Our Opening Hours


Peregrinate Independent Registered School strives to meet the needs of schools and parents/carers who find some of their learners, currently in main stream education, are finding it difficult to attend or engage in learning. Our learners become involved and make progress personally, socially and academically. We achieve this by offering an educational environment different from what many have previously found difficult. One method which benefits learning for our learners is by reducing the number of hours in a school day. We then teach classes specifically designed on an individual learning plan for each learner. This is aided by small class sizes and a management team and teaching staff who are able to deliver personalised provision to the individual student.

Some learners may find even our smaller class sizes intimidating and preventing them from attending. We offer them a ‘Twilight Class’ with even smaller class sizes with an aim to building confidence and then encouraging them into our Main School environment.

In some cases our Twilight Class may not be suitable. In these instances we offer Home Schooling and we go to the learner and teach them in their own home environment. Again underpinning the education we are building confidence so that these learners can move into our Main School, maybe having started on Twilight Classes first.

Management and teaching staff are experienced, highly qualified and provide an innovative, energetic and supportive environment where learners can enjoy and achieve.

The curriculum offer is tailored to meet individual needs, interests and aspirations. All learners study English and mathematics and vocational courses are designed with individual learning aims paramount.

Our Opening Hours are:


Main School:

Monday to Friday:  09.45 to 14:00

Twilight Classes:

Monday to Friday: 14:00 to 16:00

Home School:

Monday to Friday: at a time to suit the learner and family