Ofsted Progress Monitoring Inspection

Ofsted Progress Monitoring Inspection

On 13th December 2023 Ofsted conducted a Progress Monitoring Inspection and we are both proud and delighted with the outcome. During the summer break Peregrinate School moved into larger, more suitable, purpose built premises and staff and management succeeded in completing all work before the start of the new September term. During that time we also completely renewed out curriculum, schemes of work, processes, procedures, teaching practices, auditing procedures for ensuring teaching progress and results.

Ofsted were very impressed, these are the main points in their report. To read the full inspection report, click here.

◼    The school’s improved curriculum planning now provides pupils with experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative education.

◼    As part of the review of the curriculum, the school has established a refreshed personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education curriculum. This curriculum meets the latest statutory requirements and encourages pupils to respect differences.

◼  The school has improved the careers information, advice and guidance that pupils receive. Pupils receive group careers education in their tutor times. The enhanced careers curriculum helps pupils to learn about a range of careers available to them. Pupils develop skills such as curriculum vitae writing and preparing for interviews. The school works closely with pupils’ home schools, and parents and carers, to prepare pupils for the transition to further education, employment or training in a timely way.

◼  This inspection has found that the school has reviewed the RSE policy and curriculum. The policy refers to the latest statutory advice and is available on the school’s website. Parents receive suitable information regarding the RSE curriculum. The curriculum provides pupils with age-appropriate RSE. During the inspection, pupils’ work demonstrated that the improved curriculum is being implemented. As a result, pupils are developing an improved understanding of important issues such as consent, sexual health and contraception.

◼  Staff understand pupils’ SEND and prior attainment. They use this information well to provide pupils with helpful feedback and
support. The school tracks pupils’ attendance, behaviour and academic attainment over time. This information is used by staff to adapt their teaching so that pupils make progress. The school provides parents and pupils’ home schools with a progress report

◼  The school has reviewed and changed the PSHE curriculum. As a result, pupils now learn about fundamental British values in suitable depth. Some of the curriculum is delivered during small group tutor time and, when appropriate, staff work individually with pupils to cover aspects of the PSHE curriculum.

◼    During the inspection, pupils told the inspector that they felt safe and happy in school. Staff have a secure knowledge of how pupils with SEND may be more vulnerable. This is likely to remain suitable if the material change is granted.

◼   This inspection has found that the school has changed premises. Pupils now have access to an area that provides sufficient space for PE lessons to take place. The school’s PE curriculum provides pupils with small-group coaching. This provision is further enhanced by weekly visits to a gymnasium. The school has established a suitable risk assessment and procedure for pupils’ use of, and travel to and from, this gym.

◼    The school has improved the oversight of curriculum implementation across a range of subjects. This has resulted in improvements to curriculum delivery. Moreover, the school has provided staff with useful training and support. This has involved working with local schools and national organisations.

◼    The school has sought professional advice and guidance in relation to the standards. This advice has increased the proprietor’s knowledge of how to ensure that the standards are met consistently. The proprietor continues to teach at the school but
increasingly acts as a critical friend to teaching staff. This has improved the proprietor’s oversight of the quality of education that pupils receive and has also provided helpful guidance to staff.