Service Level Agreement 2021-2022


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Service Level Agreement 2021-2022

Agreement between:

School/Academy Name: ……………………………………….…………………………..

And Peregrinate Ltd.

Description: Peregrinate Ltd will provide vocational education and recognised qualifications using fully qualified and enhanced DBS checked staff. The learners will gain valuable Work Based Learning experience and develop social skills throughout the programme.

It is agreed by both parties that the following will form the basis of a binding service level agreement:

  1. Health and safety: Health and safety reports are carried out regularly by Peninsula and all policies adhered to throughout the school year.
  1. Working Hours: 00am – 2.00pm or alternative times agreed with Peregrinate Ltd. Some days these hours may be altered (school trips, serious incidents etc.) at the discretion of school directors.
  1. Transport: Peregrinate Ltd. offers transport to and from our site on a daily basis. Alternatively, learners/schools can provide their own travel arrangements if they wish. If learners are to use our transport service they will be subject to our Transport Policy (available online). Transport vehicles will wait outside houses for no longer than 5 minutes after first knocking on the door.
  1. Keyworkers: School/Academy must provide contact details including mobile number for a named key worker/coordinator who will be the point of contact for all communications with the school. School/Academy will provide the name and contact numbers of 2 contacts at the School/Academy in case of emergency.
  1. Safeguarding: School/Academy must provide contact details for their Child Protection Officer. All child protection concerns will be reported to this person or one of the Mentors at the School/Academy. All policies are available on our website ( Peregrinate Ltd policy states that if a member of staff suspects a pupil is under the influence of a substance the school/academy will be contacted and the pupil is sent home on Health and Safety grounds as per our Drug and Alcohol Policy (available online).

Confidentially is paramount and we will not share any pupils’ details under any circumstances with any third parties as per our Safeguarding Policy (available online).

  1. B.S: Peregrinate Ltd will provide a complete list of all staff that have contact with pupils with their enhanced DBS numbers and issue date. All staff job titles will be accurate on DBS paperwork. Peregrinate Ltd are responsible for renewing DBS when the time arises.

If any disclosures occur between the previous and next DBS that are not declared to Peregrinate Ltd management, this may result in a multiagency meeting, which will look into the matter further.

  1. Supervision/Break and Lunches: Pupils will be supervised during all break times. Pupils will only go off site in any vehicle owned by Peregrinate Ltd with all required insurance. 
  1. Attendance and Absconding: Daily registers will be kept by Peregrinate Ltd and completed by 10.15am. Peregrinate Ltd Attendance Team will forward registers to the Schools/academies every day after 10.30am. If a pupil leaves Peregrinate Ltd.’s site without consent, Peregrinate Ltd staff will contact Schools/Academy’s immediately and the learner(s) will not be allowed back on site that day. 
  1. Exclusions/Suspensions/Behaviour: School/Academy will be included in the decision to exclude or suspend any learner. They will be informed of any intended suspensions or exclusions on the day of the incident, and written copy of the incident report will follow ASAP so parents can be informed / meetings and alternative arrangements made. Schools/Academies have the right to appeal any permanent exclusion in line with our Appeals Procedure (Available online).
  1. Incidents: All incidents will be reported to Schools/Academies by phone at the earliest opportunity. Incident sheet/report form (if required) emailed ASAP, with any consequences for pupil’s actions. 
  1. Drug Use: Any learner suspected to be in possession of, or under the influence of illegal substances will be removed from our premises immediately. Learners will be taken home if contact can be reached with parents/guardians, failing this, learners will be taken to school for arrangements to be made. Learner’s parents will be sent a letter outlining our Drug Policy on the first two occasions. On the third occasion the learner will be referred to Crime Reductions Initiatives for support with their habit. This is Peregrinate Ltd policy for all learners that was developed in multi-agency meetings which included all relevant parties. 
  1. Qualifications: Peregrinate Ltd will give Schools/Academies a termly plan of units to be completed. Peregrinate Ltd will keep Schools/Academies informed of which qualifications each pupil is working towards. Peregrinate Ltd will distribute all certificates to schools/academies and a signature for proof of receipt is required.
  1. Resources: Peregrinate Ltd will provide all pens, paper, books and any other resources needed for learners to complete their studies. The cost of all PPE such as Hair & Beauty tunics, Steel Toe cap boots, overalls and work gloves will be invoiced to Schools/Academies. We will endeavour to acquire such items at the best possible price. 
  1. Parents Evenings: If requested, Peregrinate Ltd will attend Schools/Academies Parents Evening to feedback on progress to parents. 
  1. Arranging Placements: Schools/Academies must send a referral form by email to Peregrinate Ltd ( ) in order to arrange any placement. In the event of a placement being cancelled, we require written (email) notice 3 study days prior to termination to ensure correct invoicing. 
  1. Payment: Peregrinate Ltd will invoice Schools/Academies on a weekly basis for tuition fees inclusive of transport and catering. In the event of a planned move from Peregrinate Ltd to another provider, with consent of all parties, payment will cease on the agreed leaving date. If no written notice is given we will charge a 3 day notice fee which will be invoiced as usual. Tuition fees will be charged on days of non-attendance. Payments must be made within one week of receipt of invoice. Late payments may result in temporary denial of access to learners until accounts are brought back up to date. All accounts must be up to date at the end of each term. 
  1. Meetings and reports: Termly reports on pupil’s progress will be completed. Schools/Academies must give the term dates and deadlines for reports and also provide the framework to be completed. If any contact is made with the pupils Family/Carer regarding progress or behaviour we will inform the School/Academy. 

I agree to all the terms and conditions in this service level agreement.

School/Academy Representative:

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