Peregrinate Supports The Calling Tree Campaign

Peregrinate Supports The Calling Tree Campaign

The Calling Tree Campaign


Peregrinate School are supporting the Neighbourhood Watch Campaign The Calling TreeDuring these difficult times it is difficult enough to be on lock-down. Imagine how much more difficult this would be if you were on your own.

Supporting our neighbours and wider community who are not connected on social media
can be a challenge. Why not setup a calling tree in your area? It’s a lovely way to stay
connected, particularly with those who are not online.

Here is how it works… You call 3 people. Those 3 people call 3 people each making 9. Those
9 each call 3 people reaching 27 people. Those 27 each call 3 reaching 81 people. The phone
tree builds. Call 3 people today to ask how they are doing. Reduce isolation and stay

Still not sure? Follow this link to help you set one up: The Talking Tree

We are all in this together.

The Calling Tree
The Calling Tree
Neighbourhood Watch Campaign