National Lockdown 6th January 2021

National Lockdown 6th January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer/Learner,

National Lockdown to come into force on Wednesday 6th January

I am writing to advise the arrangements in place for children and young people who are currently on roll at Peregrinate School Limited.

Twilight Provision

Remains unchanged and will continue Monday/Wednesday/Friday 2pm till 3pm.

Home School Provision

Will continue, somewhat differently, depending on each learner’s situation and needs. Some full/part time learners currently on daytime provision may elect to switch to this model, which will be referred to as: Remote Learning.

Home visits will be restricted and only arranged at parental/carer request and where social distancing guidelines can be adhered to. Hands, Face, Space.

Full/Part Time Day Provision

The school will remain open, 10.15am to 2pm, Monday to Friday, for those learners who choose to attend and for vulnerable children and young people and the children of critical workers. This time will also be used for advice/guidance/support for all learners on Remote Provision arrangements, either face to face, by phone or online.

  • To speak to the duty tutor please phone our helpline: 0151 319 4646
  • To speak to Angela please phone mobile: 07952206846
  • To speak to Christian, for any emergency needs or safeguarding concerns, please phone mobile: 07889837121
  • Or email:

All calls and/or contact made will be recorded on the daily contact/welfare form held in our administration centre. This information will be shared with host schools/local authorities regularly.

Corona (COVID – 19) Testing

The Coronavirus (COVID – 19) testing programme will be continued to enable weekly testing for staff. Testing for children and young people is available here at Peregrinate School and is highly recommended but is not mandatory. This means that we will not enforce testing for our learners but request your co-operation should any symptoms be displayed within your household.

Free School Meal Provision

During the period of national lockdown Peregrinate will continue to provide meals for all pupils who are in school. We are awaiting guidance about providing free school meals, vouchers or food parcels for pupils who are eligible for benefits related free school meals who are not attending school. If this is causing any concern in your household, please refer to the contact information on the previous page and contact as relevant. Food parcels must always be distributed in line with guidance on social distancing.

I understand that this is a period of change and we will endeavour to review and adapt these arrangements in line with the latest local and national guidance. Thank you in advance for your continued and ongoing support throughout these unprecedented times. Please be assured that the team here at Peregrinate School are committed to the wellbeing and success of your child/young person and will make every effort to maintain the highest standard of teaching and learning throughout this current lockdown.

To do this effectively and efficiently, we need to ensure that our records are the most up to date, and we can contact our learners in variety of ways which will enable us to use a variety of teaching and learning strategies that will ensure a varied programme of activities, we will need the following information by text or email please as soon as possible:

Name of Young Person:

Date of Birth:

Mobile Number:

Landline Number:

Email Address:

Home Address:


Which Provision Option is required:

TWILIGHT                                  REMOTE                          DAY SCHOOL

Your co-operation in this matter is much appreciated at your earliest convenience.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,

Angela Mollan, MSc., BA(HONS)., Cert. Ed. (Post 16)

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