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Peregrinate operates strict online usage rules governing access for learners whilst in class and generally whilst on school premises. Learners are not allocated WiFi passwords even when operating a Peregrinate PC or laptop and even then their access will be limited to exactly what sites they can view on the internet and which files are available to them on the School network.

Whilst using ICT for lessons our online security is such that we always have full control over the classroom. We can see all computer screens in an icon view and access individual computers with just one click. Taking screenshots of computers is a one-click operation as well. Our tutors can also draw attention to lessons by locking all computers and blocking input devices with the help of just one button. Tutors can take over learners screens to assist in the lesson or actually join the screen to help during any difficulties.

Internet conditions of use:


Peregrinate Schools computer systems, networks and the Internet are intended for training purposes only. Use of the Internet is subject to monitoring for security and/or network management, and employees and learners may be subject to limitations on their use of these resources.

We provide Internet access and email facilities to all employees and learners, for the purpose of work and to facilitate training.

Correspondence via email is not guaranteed to be private; so that we can keep our networks legal and safe, we must insist that you do not undertake any of the following:

  • Use the Internet/email for any illegal purpose;
  • Use chat rooms of any description;
  • Upload, download or otherwise transmit commercial software or any copyright materials belonging to parties outside Peregrinate School;
  • Visit Internet sites that contain illegal, obscene or otherwise unsuitable content, which is objectionable and inappropriate for the workplace;
  • Send or receive material that is obscene or defamatory or which is intended to annoy, harass or intimidate another person;
  • Open an email attachment from an unknown source.

View our Internet Safety Policy Here: Internet Safety Policy

Inappropriate Content on Mobiles, Tablets, i Pads etc:


Should we suspect that there may be indecent images, videos or media, or bullying, threatening, or inappropriate content, the suspected mobile, i Pod, tablet or i Pad and all similar devices will be confiscated and placed in a secure Faraday Bag to prevent wireless or Bluetooth interference or deletion of the content. See our Mobile Phone Policy

Important Guide from National Online Safety


The specialists for online safety training in Schools, National Online Safety (NOS) have prepared a FREE guide concerning Fortnite: Battle Royale, the online game which has become widely regarded as the biggest online game of 2018.

The guide informs parents/carers about the dangers associated with the viral game and how they can reduce the associated risks, including, but not limited to; restriction of payment methods, preventing children talking to strangers, making a report, avoiding scams and using strong passwords.

Please view or download our guide here: Fortnite: Battle Royale safety guide

The link below is a useful story book to assist with getting the safety online message across to young people. Please feel free to view it here and share with your children.

Useful Story Book for Online Safety issued by National Online Safety



Issues Associated with Minecraft


Minecraft is played by millions of children around the world, who can use their imagination to build three-dimensional worlds with virtual building blocks in a digital, pixelated landscape. The risks that parents need to be aware of with this game include cyberbullying, “griefing”, online grooming and susceptibility to viruses and malware.

This guide aims to give parents and teachers practical tips on how to ensure this game can be enjoyed safely.

Please view or download our guide here Minecraft safety guide



Issues Associated with Instagram


NOS have also created a FREE guide for parents/carers  about Instagram – the app with over 800 million monthly users. The guide informs parents and carers about the issues associated with Instagram and contains useful tips about how they can help protect their children when using the app.

Please click here to see the FREE guide: NOS Guide for Parents/Carers


More information for Parents and Carers is offered in the links below:


UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)

Houseparty – A Parents Guide February 2019

What parents need to know about Reddit September 2018

A Parents Guide to You Tube September 2018

A Parents Guide to Instagram

A Parents Guide to Snapchat July 2018

A Parents Guide to Whats App September 2018

A Parents Guide to Twitch November 2018

Merseyside Police Online Advice to Parents & Carers February 2019

Child Exploitation & Online Protection (CEOP) February 2019

Child Net

Child Line

CEOP Parent Info

UK Safer Internet Centre

Vodaphone How to Guides

Facebook Privacy Settings

Fake News January 2019

Instagram Privacy Settings

Snapchat Privacy Settings

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